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The local Christian radio station, 89.5 FM, has recently added “Abounding Grace” to its program schedule; airing each weekday at 8:00 AM.

At the close of the program, host Christopher Gordon offers listeners help finding a “URC” church in their area. URC is an abbreviation of the United Reformed Churches in North America.

Presently there is only one URC congregation in the WCNP-FM listening area (Grace URC in Waupun, WI), but there are plenty of other options for those seeking the kind of solid teaching offered on Abounding Grace Radio.

The URCNA is a member denomination of the North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council which makes them something of a “sister denomination” to ours: The Orthodox Presbyterian Church [OPC]. Other NAPARC denominations are listed at this link.

We hope you enjoy Abounding Grace Radio and take Dr. Gordon’s advice to find a Reformed congregation in your area. If we can assist you in that search, just send us an e-mail and be sure to include your city.