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"A man's heart deviseth his way:

but the Lord directeth his steps."
Proverbs 16:9

Thinking about moving to Reedsburg?

Some of the members of our church are glad they did; as our area has some of the most unique opportunities in the Midwest (as well as the entire nation). Consider some of the following examples:


Productive farmland that is still affordable makes the Driftless region one of the few places where someone can begin homesteading and develop a profitable small family farm. 

Our proximity to one of the largest Organic co-operatives in the nation (Organic Valley) means that there are markets available for all kinds of producers, as well as an educated consumer base that means stable prices and consistent demand for whatever you decide to produce. 

Conventional farming is also a large part of the local economy; so there is room for whatever you want to do as a land-owner.


Average income in the Reedsburg area exceeds $47,000 a year.

With housing prices averaging $156,500, Reedsburg has a cost of living index of 81.6, meaning that it is one of the least expensive cities in the Midwest that also maintains a robust job market.

Low cost of living means little if you can’t find a job; but that is not a problem in our area as there are plenty of opportunities for employment.


Wisconsin has some of the best education opportunities in the nation. 

Family-friendly homeschooling laws, combined with active homeschool and private religious school communities ensure that the next generation of saints are equipped for the future. 

With an interlocking system of small local campuses, the University of Wisconsin can accommodate most higher education needs. 

Combine that with choices ranging from trade schools, state sponsored apprenticeships, and you can see why Wisconsin is meeting its labor demands more successfully than other places in the Midwest.


Strong family culture is deeper set in our region than in other parts of the midwest due to the less migratory nature of our people and industries. 

Obviously our American society is in a state of profound change (and certainly not for the better in most instances); however we do have deeper roots here overall and that makes it a good place to settle down.

Our area is also kind of fun. Click here to watch a video that highlights some of the more notable social events hosted by Reedsburg.  


Wisconsin is not called a “sportsman’s paradise” without good reason.

From productive musky lakes to world class trout fishing in our many rivers and streams, we have everything for the established or aspiring angler. 

We also have some of the most productive deer habitat in the country, as well as abundant small game and turkey. 

Whether it is snowshoeing in many of our state parks during the winter, or biking along our many miles of converted rails-to-trails, our region of the state is filled with excuses to get off the couch, go outside, and enjoy God’s creation to the fullest!


Most importantly, we have a small, but growing community of sincere disciples of Christ in Five Solas Church. 

Our congregation and leadership share a unique commitment to Reformed doctrine, a traditionalist worldview, and promotion of a walk that will help us; “Glorify God and enjoy him forever.” 


Relocation is a major decision and several of our members know that from personal experience. Don’t worry, we are here to help.

Plan a visit to Reedsburg. One of our families can offer overnight hospitality or we can recommend a good hotel. Our Pastor can show you around the area and, if the weather is fair, take you fishing.

Just use the form below and we will respond promptly. 

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