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Joining a local church is an important (if not essential) element of faithful Christian living.

Sadly, many live out their lives unattached, uncommitted, and therefore unable to participate fully in the life and ministries of the church.

This grieves the Spirit and stunts their growth in grace.

We encourage you to examine your own understanding of the importance and Biblical basis for local church membership so you can understand and obey God’s will in this vital matter.


We receive into membership those who have a credible profession of faith in Jesus Christ in three different ways:

1. Profession of Faith

When a person believes in Christ, the Bible teaches that he must also profess that faith publicly. [1]  We receive such professions during public worship. Note: Baptism is administered at this time to those who have not previously been baptized. [2]

2. Reaffirmation of Faith

When an already-believing and already-baptized Christian chooses to leave their church and join another (i.e., for legitimate reasons), we welcome them into our fellowship through a public reaffirmation of faith during public worship.

3. Letter of Transfer

We receive members from churches of like faith and practice by transfer.  Once a letter of transfer from the previous church has been received and approved, we welcome our new members publicly during worship by offering the right hand of fellowship.


The Five Membership Questions

In order to ensure that we are agreed in all things essential to our salvation, we ask new members to answer these questions publicly:

1. Do you believe the Bible, consisting of the Old and New Testaments, to be the Word of God, and its doctrine of salvation to be the perfect and only true doctrine of salvation? [3]

2. Do you believe in one living and true God, in whom eternally there are three distinct persons — God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit — who are the same in being and equal in power and glory, and that Jesus Christ is God the Son, come in the flesh? [4]

3. Do you confess that because of your sinfulness you abhor and humble yourself before God, that you repent of your sin, and that you trust for salvation not in yourself but in Jesus Christ alone? [5]

4. Do you acknowledge Jesus Christ as your sovereign Lord, and do you promise that, in reliance on the grace of God, you will serve him with all that is in you, forsake the world, resist the devil, put to death your sinful deeds and desires, and lead a godly life? [6]

5. Do you promise to participate faithfully in this church’s worship and service, to submit in the Lord to its government, and to heed its discipline, even in case you should be found delinquent in doctrine or life? [7]

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