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vocationWhile the word “vocation” has fallen out of popular use in our culture, both the word and its meaning are invaluable to any Christian who wants to answer that big question:

“What’s God’s will for my life?”

The word “vocation” come from the Latin “to call” and the Bible teaches that God assigns a very specific calling to each and every individual. Having issued that calling, he therefore calls us to discern it, find contentment in it, and to fulfill it to his glory.

Join us this Lord’s Day at 1:30 p.m. for Family Instruction Hour as we begin to explore the doctrine of vocation.

1. “God Revealed as a Worker” – An exploration of the various work-related words used in Genesis 1-2 to describe God’s “work” of creating the heavens, the earth, and man.

2. “Man Created to Reflect the Imago Dei” – An exploration of the work-related words used in Genesis 1-2 to describe how man was to reflect God’s image through productive labor.

3. “The Effects of the Fall on Vocation” – A summary of the various ways the fall into sin negatively effected every aspect of our original vocation (Genesis 3-4).

4. “The Scope of Redemption” – A description of how God declares his praises on earth through one representative people as each member receives and responds to a particular assignment.

5. “Discerning Your Vocation” – An exploration of several internal and external factors which deserve due consideration while attempting to discern your individual calling.

6. “Practicum: The Virtue of Labor” – An exploration of that “arena” in which we experience and fulfill our vocation: difficult and diligent labor under the sun.

7. “Practicum: The Vice of Sloth” – An explanation of how acedia and sloth are the antithesis of our calling to love God and neighbor through labor.

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