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For a soul to come to Jesus, is the grandest event in its history. It is spiritually dead until that day; but it then begins to live! A saved man may reckon his age from the time in which he first knew the Lord.

That day of first knowing Christ is important in the highest degree, because it affects all the man’s PAST: It sheds another light on all the years that have gone by since he has lived in sin. The transaction of that day blots out all his sin.

The day in which a man comes to Christ, that very day his transgressions and iniquities are blotted out, even as the thick clouds are driven from the sky, when God’s strong wind chases them away. Is not that a grand day in which our sins are cast into the
depths of the sea?

As for the PRESENT what a different life does a man begin to live on the day in which he finds the Lord– He commences to live in the light, instead of being dead in the darkness. He begins to enjoy the privileges of liberty, instead of suffering the horrors of slavery. He is started on the way to heaven, instead of continuing on the road to hell.

He is such a new creature that he cannot tell how changed he is. One said to me, “Sir, the change in me is of this kind–
either the whole world is altered, or else I am.” So is it when we are brought to know Christ–it is a real, total, radical change!

It is a most joyous alteration. Oh! happy, happy day, when the miraculous hand of Christ takes away the infirmities of the soul, and makes the lame man to leap as a hart, and causes the tongue of the dumb to sing!

The day in which a man comes to Christ is also a wonderful day in its effect upon all his FUTURE: It is as when the helm of a ship is turned right around; the man now sails in a totally different direction. His future will never be what his past was. There may be faults; there may be infirmities and shortcomings; but there will never be the old love of sin anymore. “Sin shall not have dominion over you.”

When Christ comes to our soul, he so breaks the neck of sin, that though it lives a struggling, dying life, and often makes
a great deal of howling in the heart, yet it is doomed to die. The cross of Christ has broken sin’s back, and broken its neck, too, and die it must. Henceforth the man is bound for holiness, and bound for heaven.

Source: C.H. Spurgeon, “Found by Jesus, and Finding Jesus”