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“I believe in… the resurrection of the body”

This article of the creed affirms that there is a day coming, known only to God, when every person, who ever lived, will be raised from the dead.

Man consists of both body and soul. When we die, our bodies return to the dust from which they were taken and our souls return to God. The souls of the righteous are immediately received into heaven, and the souls of the wicked are cast into hell.

Because God made us with a body and a soul, this time of our souls being separated from our bodies is but temporary. We will someday stand before God, as whole persons, to answer for the sins we committed in the body. 

Those who rejected the gospel will have no answer to give. The books will be opened, they will be found guilty, and be cast – body and soul – into the lake of fire. Those who believed on Christ will be found clothed in his perfect righteousness. They will therefore be received – body and soul – into the eternal bliss of heaven.

No man can escape this coming day. Whether our bodies are buried, cremated, or vaporized by an atomic blast, we shall be raised. It therefore behooves us to prepare our souls for that dread day. Turn from your sin and trust in Christ today.