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Dearest brothers and sisters,

Grace be with you, mercy, and peace, from God the Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, in truth and love.

The session of Five Solas Church has decided to cancel church meetings starting today, March 18, with a reevaluation of the situation the week of April 5.

Lord willing, we will next meet together for worship, communion, and fellowship on the Lord’s Day of April 12.

Some of the factors that contributed to this unprecedented decision are:

–  Submission to the civil magistrate; which has prohibited meetings of our size. [read more]

–  Our congregation’s proximity to the Sauk Co. Health Care Center and the constant traffic to and from that facility.

–  The risk of rumors, slander, vandalism, and even legal action if we are perceived as acting in a careless manner.

–  The true physical risk that Coronavirus poses to our members and neighbors.

–  The fact that we are not presently suffering persecution, but have rather been presented an opportunity to trust God and love our neighbors.

Thankfully, several Reformed churches provide options for live-streamed worship services. [read more]

It should not be overlooked that this unexpected season of change provides a unique opportunity for spiritual growth through private devotion, for service to those in need, and planning for an uncertain economic future.

Finally, and while it is certainly no substitute for actual fellowship, the session heartily commends the following e-book and has opened a public comment section to all our members and friends:

“The Crook in the Lot: The Sovereignty and Wisdom of God Displayed in the Afflictions of Men” by Thomas Boston 

Please call upon us should you have any need over the next couple weeks.

Elders: Matt, Aaron, and Fred

Pastor: Christian