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The word “martyr” comes directly from the Greek New Testament (Strong’s 3144) and it basically means someone who “bears witness” to something they know or have seen.

The word eventually evolved to mean “someone who willingly suffers death rather than surrendering his faith” because that was the decision that many Christians faced in the apostolic era.

To encourage them (and us) to remain faithful unto death, the Lord devoted a page of the New Testament to the first martyr: Stephen

We invite you to join us for worship next Sunday as Pastor McShaffrey preaches on the biblical account of his faithful witness, even in the face of death. The dates and recordings are below.

10/10 – Acts 6:1-15 – Faithful & Accused

10/17 – Acts 7:1-16 – Abraham & Patriarchs

10/31 – Acts 7:17-36 – Moses & Deliverance

11/07 – Acts 7:37-50 – Rebellion & Tabernacle

11/14 – Acts 7:51-60 – Stoned & Asleep