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The audio and video recordings from the 2022 Kept Pure In All Ages Conference are posted below.

This year’s theme was “Received Text Apologetics” and the speakers were Christian McShaffrey, Brett Mahlen, and Jeff Riddle.


1. Friday Evening Devotion – Christian McShaffrey offers a devotional and sets forth some elementary principles of Christian apologetics from 1 Peter 3:15-16

2. Reasoning with the Wise and the Scribe – Jeff Riddle offers a lecture on applied apologetics by focusing on Bart Ehrman’s contribution to the field of modern textual criticism.

3. Saturday Morning Devotion – Brett Mahlen offers a devotional from Proverbs 26:4-5 and explains whether (and if so, how) to answer fools in an apologetic engagement

4. Reasoning with the Disputer of this World – Dr. Riddle engages an academic paper written by Dr. Mark Ward: “Which Textus Receptus? A Critique of Confessional Bibliology”

5. Reasoning With Them That Believe – Dr. Riddle counters two accusations that are used to dissuade ordinary believers from receiving the text of the Reformation: (1) that Scrivener’s edition of the TR was “back-translated” from the KJV and (2) that Confessional Bibliology is an unhealthy form of textual absolutism.