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The revision of the Lockman Foundation’s New American Standard Bible being called “NASB20” is now out, and it’s given in to political correctness, gagging God in many places where He Himself inspired the Biblical writers to use male inclusives.

That in itself is profoundly harmful to all of us smug and complacent in our feminized churches and denominations, but since political correctness isn’t just about sex, the Lockman Foundation gagged God other places also.

Academics still dread being accused of anti-Semitism today, and thus the NASB20 guys took bad words and actions ascribed in the Gospels to the “Jews” and explained to simple readers it wasn’t really the Jews, but “Jewish leaders.” (The NIV2011 removed this Greek word “Jews” (‘ioudaioi), replacing it with “they.”)

Who wants to be accused of homophobia today? Thus the NASB20 guys removed the Greek word “effeminate” (malakoi’) from the sin list in 1Corinthians 6, replacing it with nothing… keep reading at Warhorn Media