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By Thomas F. Booher at the Tulip Driven Life blog.

The problem in our Reformed and Evangelical Churches today is manifold, but the root of it is an unwillingness to speak the truth in love as defined by Scripture. Instead, it is clear that conservative pastors/elders have allowed the progressives and moderates in their denominations, and in their pews, to dictate how they will speak the truth of God’s Word to their congregation and on their Twitter feeds. 

There is certainly a problem with ministers who simply rant, or those who are perpetually stuck in the so-called “Calvinist cage stage”. But the more prevalent and dangerous problem is the perpetuation of “paddy-caking” in the pulpit, which is to say, ministers wield the word of God with all the might and power to convict as a soft pillow. The truth of God that is meant to cut and convict our souls is spoken to do just the opposite — comfort and cajole, putting us into a sweet slumber concerning our sins, assuring us that it really isn’t that bad or our fault, simply something that gentle Jesus has already died for and forgiven us of. 

This of course is on the far other end of the spectrum. But the cumulative effect of always siding toward softness rather than firmness leads to having MINISTERS in your Reformed/Presbyterian denominations who are openly effeminate, confess to being gay/same-sex attracted, and demand that they can play the victim card of their fallen desires so that they are regarded as heroes rather than compromisers who lead their congregations astray… [keep reading]