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On the one hand, greeting first-time visitors at church comes naturally. We are always happy to meet new friends in the Lord.

On the other hand, it is easy for us to assume that visitors have all the information they need to enjoy their first visit. Most of them don’t.

Therefore, we need a few members to watch for visitors, greet them, and cover a few necessities:

General Advice

– Take the initiative to engage visitors

– Have fresh breath and a warm smile

– Firm handshake for the men

– Don’t smother or embarrass people

– Don’t ask a lot of questions

– Read their body language and adapt


Notes For All Visitors

– Point out the coat room and washroom

– Offer a bulletin and Psalter Hymnal

– Invite them to have coffee once settled

– Mention the guest book

– Follow-up with them after worship

– Write down names and give them to Pastor

– Obviously, don’t do all of this at once!


Notes For Moms

– Show them the cry room and nursery

– Ask if they would like a hand w/ the baby

– If so, recruit one of the young ladies to help


For Large Groups

– Take bulletins from members if needed

– We prepare 50 servings for communion

– Add more before worship if perceived necessary

– Communion supplies are under the sink