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Thomas Watson (c. 1620 – 1686) was an English Puritan who wrote a wonderful Exposition of the Beatitudes. Here is a excerpt from his sermon on the blessedness of Gospel mourning:

“Our condition is low—but our hearts are high. Mourn for the profaneness of the land. England is like that man in the gospel who had ‘an unclean demonic spirit’ (Luke 4:33). Mourn for the removing of landmarks (Deuteronomy 27:17). Mourn for the contempt offered to magistracy, the spitting in the face of authority. Mourn that there are so few mourners. Surely if we mourn not for the sins of others, it is to be feared that we are not sensible of our own sins. God looks upon us as guilty of those sins in others—which we do not lament. Our tears may help to quench God’s wrath!”