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By R. Scott Clark

Yesterday someone commented on one of the BigSocialMedia platforms that the Heidelcast series, “I Will Be A God To You And To Your Children” helped them to understand and accept infant baptism (paedobaptism) as the biblical position.

Someone else objected, in effect, that any position that requires such an extensive defense is probably not true. In North America (and perhaps in other contexts) it does take some time to explain and defend the biblical and historic Reformed theology, piety, and practice of infant baptism. The Heidelcast series is in fifteen parts. Why does it take so long to explain and defend infant baptism? If it is true, should we not be able to explain and defend it more briefly?

In fact, the biblical and Reformed view can be stated quite simply: God promised to be a God to believers and to their children. He gave a sign to Abraham to illustrate that promise and he repeated the promise in the New Testament and gave a new sign to illustrate that promise. [keep reading]