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Because of their history, it is customary for members of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church to identify themselves as a “pilgrim” people whose experience has in some ways been analogous to the Israelites wandering in the wilderness and most certainly that of the New Testament “pilgrims” and travelers.

They also identify with their theological fathers in the faith such as J. Gresham Machen who felt a sense of being “disinherited”, Geerhardus Vos who “was a sojourner and a pilgrim living between two worlds”, and they also point to Cornelius Van Til as one who “was a pilgrim for over eighty years in the new world”.

While many Orthodox Presbyterians make much of this motif of a pilgrim people, it seems that most of them have never heard of another disinherited pilgrim who was their theological brother: Rev. Dr. Edward Freer Hills (1912-1981); but yet there he is nestled within the pages of the OPC’s ministerial register. Who was he? Click here to keep reading…