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1. Post and repost things that will help others, rather than just reading things to help yourself. Serve rather than be served.

2. Despise all that is silly, vain, and useless. Life is too short, too sinful, and too precious, to be anything but sober and heavenly-minded, even when speaking of earthly things.

3. Speak the truth in love to the ungodly, but do not be afraid when needed to unfriend, unfollow, and block them. Evil communications corrupt good manners, and a companion of fools shall be destroyed.

4. Report sinful advertisements, and call out scandalous posts. Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

5. Consider those who use social media well, and follow their example.

6. When possible, draft what you write, then pause to think before you send.

7. Write comments as needed, but don’t waste time or words, and write so as to bring the conversation to a peaceful close.

8. Don’t be provoked by hecklers, but by your kindness, wisdom, and where appropriate, your silence, let their shame be evident to all.

9. Post often about Christ, the gospel, sin, hell, heaven, and salvation. These are the topics all men always need the most.

10. Spend every moment on the internet for God’s glory and the good of men, and not at the expense of other duties. Remember you will give an account at the last day for every idle word, as well as every idle minute.

11. If social media has a big part in your life, make sure it has a big part in your prayers as well.

12. Flee like the plague the sin of seeking men’s approval. Likes, reposts, comments, follows, friend requests are no proof your words have pleased the Lord, but in the end, his pleasure is the only thing that matters.

Source: Michael Spangler’s Facebook Page