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On march 17th, we will begin a new class entitled “Confessing Christ”. It will cover all the main tenets of our faith and is also designed to prepare covenant children and regular visitors to make a public profession of faith.

The textbooks are available now at the welcome center if you wish to begin studying in advance. There are also memory verses that you may want to begin working on.

We will discuss one chapter at a time on the following dates during our Family Instruction Hour:

03/17  Chapter 1 – The Bible

03/24  Chapter 2 – Christ

03/31  Chapter 3 – Repentance & Faith

04/14  Chapter 4 – The Christian Life

04/21  Chapter 5 – The Church

04/28 Chapter 6 – God’s Provision for Growth

05/12  Chapter 7 – Confessing Christ to Others