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We met on April 10 to reflect on last year’s event and discuss how to improve this year’s event.

Those volunteering: Dale & Mary, Mike & Maureen, Fred & Nancy, Christian & Kelly, Jesse, Linda, Jim, Emma, Anastasia, Micaiah, Stephanie K, Kelly

Here are the notes:


  • Mary R. will handle the welcome table with name tags
  • Mike will serve as chief greeter
  • Pastor will order “staff” name tags – DONE
  • QR code for giving should be on programs – DONE


  • Lauren is in charge of food
  • Crumb-top muffins will be avoided
  • Everything else served on plate
  • Thrivent Action Team to defray cost
  • Jesse will move the fridge into the kitchen

Audio/ Visual

  • Micaiah: audio board (mainly back-up)
  • TBS hopes to send videographer – CHANGED
  • David Ruhland will do video ($500)


  • Library will have 5 tables for free books
  • TBS and RHB tables might be elsewhere (not free)
  • Green sticker = free, Red = discounted price
  • Dale and Mary S. will man the RHB table


  • Activity area will be in the kitchen room
  • Emma and Anastasia to occupy children
  • They will bring activities, toys, etc.


  • Trustees will discuss tables/tent – TABLES PURCHASED
  • Six tables will fit under the carport
  • Mike has two tables, if needed


  • Cleaning crew: Nancy, Linda, Kelly
  • Garbages out after breaks
  • Cleanup on Saturday afternoon


  • Micaiah will be bellman (5 minute warning)
  • Jim K. can shuttle to the airport, if needed
  • Fred will tune piano prior to event