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The elders met yesterday and made some difficult decisions. Nevertheless, they are confident that these decisions will serve to safeguard and strengthen the testimony of our church in this community. 

1. Regular Ministries: Our regular ministry schedule will remain unchanged until further notice. We need to worship God in times of trouble, so that is what we plan to do.  

2. Kept Pure Conference: This event has been postponed due to the difficulties related to interstate air travel. It will be rescheduled.

3. Swiss Supper: This event has also been postponed. If you purchased supplies, return them if you are able and save them if you are not. We will try to host a similar event later this year.

We understand that some of these decisions may seem disappointing, but if our church is perceived (either rightly or wrongly) as being careless in times of crisis, it will simply not serve our mission well.

Thanks for understanding.